The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

Monetary and fiscal policy reform that will double the standard of living for every American
within one generation and restore economic and social prosperity across the land.

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Draining the Swamp

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A Legislative Proposal for Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform

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If the American Founding Fathers were alive today they would not recognize their own legacy.
Something went terribly wrong.

More to the point, how do we repair the damage?


Find the answers to both of these questions and many others in
Draining the Swamp.

Why is there so much poverty in a land so rich? Just 10% of the people own, control, and consume 70% of the nation’s wealth. The other 90% of the people producing most of that wealth survive on the remaining 30%. Who is confiscating your fair share?

Draining the Swamp, originally written as an academic exercise, has become a crusade. This fascinating story sets the stage for a worldwide Monetary Rights Movement. People concerned about the consequences of continued politics-as-usual owe themselves, their family, and friends to discover the world as it was intended to be and to secure their rightful share of the wealth they produce.

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By Harvey F. Barnard
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Draining the Swamp—The NESARA Story
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